Expert Negotiations and mediations, easement acquisitions, title searches, document preparation.
Provide management expertise tracking acquisitions, assets, budget and cost analysis, facilitate condemnation proceedings, prepare summary reports and being the singlepoint of contact between various department heads, engineering, surveying, environmental, legal, contract acquisition companies, who are involved with over all project responsibilities.

Provide a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
of properties to be acquired, provide zoning and land use requirements for land, buildings, or leasehold estates for corporate use, disposition of surplus properties and assimilate land for future expansion
or large capital projects.   Feasibility studies for utility projects showing diverse routing selections,
cost analysis, provide environmental impact studies. Assist in conducting project informational meetings with various civic leaders, neighborhood HOA’s, Planning Units, etc.  Assist in Permit Applications
with various governmental entities.

SinglePoint Acquisitions Group (SinglePoint AG) was formed to be the provider and SinglePoint of contact for professional Right of Way Services, Project Management, and Land Acquisition Consulting Services to the Utility and Real Estate Development Industry.
While providing the services above, SinglePoint AG is the link between corporate management teams and acquisition project activities. SinglePoint AG has the knowledge, project management skills and corporate experience to bring together all parties to achieve its goals.

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